Zivadeon Technologies Limited is a proudly Nigerian company based in Port Harcourt. We are a Communication Company, specializing in the RF communication industry, two-way Radios, walkie talkie, communication devices, CCTV, Conventional analogue radios, digital multisite trunking and interoperability of multiple communication networks is our passion. Also on our product line are dual band Radios, Air band radios, and IP Radios (SIM Card Radios with unlimited coverage). Zivadeon is a company with a passion for quality and a commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Our company is dedicated to supplying the best solutions to meet our customers’ requirements, which sometimes requires integrating multiple communication platforms to achieve the required results So if you are looking for Walkie talkies in Port Harcourt, Two way Radios in Port Harcourt, CCTV in Port Harcourt, or other cities close to Port Harcourt, you can contact us for prompt delivery.

Our company also ensures that the technologies we offer to our customers are leading edge technologies, keeping our customers updated with the best products and solutions available in the markets. Our company has the technical expertise to design, sell and commission any RF communication network. We also ensure that we transfer skills when installing systems with our customers. We are fully equipped to provide full turnkey solutions, making us a one stop shop. We find this to be essential with the variety of technologies required to build networks, ensuring there is one service provider taking total responsibility for your entire communication network. We are a committed team striving to deliver the best service and ensure our full commitment to our customers.

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With the future in mind we are always on top of the game with the latest and the best in consumer electronics, business systems and telecommunications solutions. We focus on integrating our experience and expertise to deliver to our customers not just a reliable and strong solution (that will meet the needs of their business) but also, a cost effective solution.


We take pride in all solutions offered to our clients. We have researched extensively all our vendors and products that we offer to make sure you will get exactly what you are looking for. And in some cases, original Equipment manufacturers have added new features to their products based on our recommendations.    We have existing distribution agreements with local and international manufacturers which include Motorola, Kenwood, Webb Industries, Tesunho, Tucson age, Kendo Batteries and many more. These partnerships are very successful and we, working closely with the manufacturer, act as a solutions provider on behalf of the manufacturer.


We have almost 10 years in telecommunications industry.

Our years of experience means that we have the technical expertise to design, sell and commission any RF communication network.

Great Customer Care Service

Our pressence in Port Harcourt Nigeria means that we are able to deliver products at clients locations based in Rivers State and Environs. We are just an email or a Phone away.

High Quality Products Employees are continually trained on safety issues

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Employees are continually trained on safety issues

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